City of Oakland 2008 Homicide Report
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April 30, 2009

City of Oakland 2008 Homicide Report

John Garvey;Junious Williams;Kenyatta Arnold;Steve Spiker

Urban Strategies Council

To advance community and policymaker understanding of the trends in homicides, the Urban Strategies Council is collecting and analyzing data on the characteristics of victims and suspects involved in Oakland homicides; identifying geographic changes in the homicide patterns, and examining social and economic conditions in which the homicides occurred. This is a report on the 125 homicides that took place in Oakland in 2008. This report includes basic statistics on victim demographics, locations and times. It also includes comparisons to homicides in in 2007 and over the 5-year period of 2004-2008 and maps of the locations of the homicides.

Geographic Focus North America / United States (Western) / California / Alameda County / Oakland

Issues Crime and Safety