September 24, 2015

Closing the Resource Gap: Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector in California

Claire Knowlton;Jennifer Talansky;Katherine Demallie;Sarah Goff

Nonprofit Finance Fund

With support from The James Irvine Foundation, Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) used its 2015 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey to examine California nonprofits, focusing on organizations in the San Joaquin Valley and the Inland Empire. The Foundation asked NFF to look at the challenges facing organizations in these regions, their resource needs, and their overall financial situations both on an absolute basis and in comparison to their coastal neighbors in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Geographic Focus North America / United States (Western) / California (San Francisco Bay Area)
North America / United States (Western) / California / Los Angeles County / Los Angeles

Issues Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Funders James Irvine Foundation