Tahoe: State of the Lake Report 2013
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August 5, 2013

Tahoe: State of the Lake Report 2013

UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

The long-term data set collected on the Lake Tahoe ecosystem by the University of California, Davis, and its research collaborators is an invaluable tool for understanding ecosystem function and change.It has become essential for responsible management by elected officials and public agencies tasked with restoring and managing the Tahoe ecosystem.This is in large part because it provides a basis for monitoring of the progress toward attainment of Tahoe's restoration goals and desired conditions.

This report presents data from 2012 in the context ofthe long-term record. While the focusis on data collected as part of the organizations' ongoing, decades-long,measurement programs, this year we have also included sections summarizing current research on using autonomous gliders for examining the detailed distribution of water quality across the lake; projected 21st century trends in Tahoe's hydroclimatology; drought adaptationby forests; our addition of real-timewater quality monitoring in deep water off the west shore; measuring the blueness of Lake Tahoe; and the possible changes in shoreline position on account of extended droughts.

Geographic Focus North America / United States (Western) / California / El Dorado County

Issues Energy and Environment